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Jerry Huang | IP CAM Controller v2.5 for Windows Phonoe released

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IP CAM Controller v2.5 for Windows Phonoe released

11. October 2012 08:14 by Jerry in IP CAM, Windows Phone

Multi-View has been enhanced from this version, and free to use for trial users (while the new grouping functionis for paid version only).

How to use:

1) tap "Multi View" icon

2) select cameras you would like to put into your view

3) tap save button (at bottom) and enter a name to save current grouping

4) done


  • Multi View is mainly for people who own many (at least more than 1, obviouslywink) camera, with which you are able to view multiple cameras in one screen at the same time. You can even control each of them by tapping on image from this view!
  • Grouping is even more powerful if you want to have different views for different group of cameras, e.g. a view for cameras in building #1 another for building #2, etc.