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Jerry Huang | We the drivers requires input new minimum fare of a trip to work properly

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We the drivers requires input new minimum fare of a trip to work properly

13. January 2023 10:46 by Jerry in

Please go to app store/play store to update the app to latest version first


Since early Jan 2023, Uber has stopped providing surge multiplier through its api, and so all 3rd party apps such as mine (We the drivers) are unable to provide direct surge multiplier no more.

In light of this, I have published a new update urgently, to calculate the multiplier by: 

surge multiplier = current price / base price (aka minimum fare of a trip)

The down side is that you will have to input the base price of each ride type (option) every time the fare has update. This setting looks like below screenshot, type in the minimum fare in your local currency of each car type/ride option; once everything is set, click the "Save your input". 

If you app version is v1.2.1, follow below steps:

Once base price is set, all your saved locations (pins) will be using Base Price 1 for calculating multiplier by default. In some cities, different area or special venue (such as airport), is using different pricing structure, you can configure up to 4 set of base price; and then each pin/location can choose its own base price setting.

Having said that, I will never know when the next restriction would come. As a result, I had stopped the 3-month subscription and keep the 1 month subscription only. I also encourage you to switch to 1 month subscription if you are currently purchasing 3-month. As we never know when the app might not be able to work. In order switching to 1 month from 3-month, you can cancel the 3-month subscription first from App Store/Play Store, the premium state will remain until the last date of your subscription; and after the subscription expired, you can purchase 1-month. 

I'm putting some FAQ here, will keep update the list:

  • Surge accuracy: there might not be the exact surge but very close to the reality. This is the best result we could get from what we have. The calculation should still give you a sense how much higher than usual and so leading you to the popular area. 



請先前往App Store/Play Store更新到最新版本。

由2023年1月開始,Uber已經停止提供加乘倍數。所以所有的第三方apps包括We the drivers都無法提供直接的加乘倍數。


倍數 = 當前車資 / 最低車資


雖然倍數可以通過這個方式計算獲得,但我永遠也不會知道下一個問題/限制會是什麽以及什麽時候到來。因此我決定取消 三個月高級版的 訂閲如果您正在使用三個月訂閲,我也鼓勵您現在就轉到一個月。您需要先在App Store/Play Store中取消三個月訂閲,您依然可以使用到訂閲到期的時間。當三個月到期后,您就可以在app裏面支付一個月訂閲。