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IP CAM Controller

Search "ip cam controller" or "jerry huang" on Windows Phone Store or Android Google Play or Windows Store! Or click one of the links below:


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Click here to see if your camera supported and what cameras have audio

Feature guide for Android:

Feature guide for Windows Phone:

 Feature guide for Windows Store (WinRT) app:


Full description

With IP CAM Controller, you are able to view and control your IP Cameras in real-time. In addition to ordinary PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) control, IP CAM Controller supports "Tap to Center" - the camera will center on the position where your finger tap. One step to set up and extremely easy to use.

Main Features

- Audio support for selected cameras;
- Tap to Center(TTC): camera moves to the position you tapped;
- pinch to zoom: pinch to zoom in or zoom out;
- save snapshot to pictures hub;
- multi-view: view and control one or more camera in one screen;

 Please click below link for latest screenshots and description in other languages (Windows Phone):


See how Tap to Center works:

In case the app is not working for your camera, you are welcome to contact me. I will try my best to get your camera supported. However, please make sure you read below before sending me a message:


About getting my DVR (NVR) or camera supported


For a lot of small brands and brand-less cameras that made in China, please have a try with Maygion or those Foscam types in my app. It works most of time for these cameras.


If none of above 2 is working, please be prepared to provide me temporary access to your camera/DVR. You may turn your camera toward to a wall or put a book in front of it to protect your privacy. For DVR product, you may limit access to outdoor cameras only so that it will have less privacy issue. For DVR however, it's normally harder to get it supported since it's generally running on a higher security standard, the video/audio might be encrypted, in such case it's just not possible to crack the encryption.


Please keep in mind that there is no guarantee your camera/DVR will be added after providing the access, but I will try my best to get it work. In general, if your camera/DVR supports MJPEG or JPEG (snapshot), or to have a quick test and see whether it could be accessed via Firefox browser without installing any plug-in, it's highly possible that could be supported on both Android and WP; If however your camera support H.264 only, it might be possible to be supported on Android but it's basically not possible on WP/WinRT for the time being.