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Jerry Huang | March 2013

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IP CAM Controller is now in Japanese!

27. March 2013 15:04 by Jerry in Android, IP CAM

Thanks to our lovely Japanese translator - Xu Zewei - a handsome Chinese student (BTW he's single at the momentLaughing) who is studying in Japan, the latest Android IP CAM Controller has support for Japanese!

Check out on the Japan GP page:


In addition to Japanese support, this version align with WP version (as promised:)) - Changing PTZ behavior from "double tapping" to "auto stop moving" for those "keep moving" style cameras, such as: Foscam, EasyN, Tenvis, Sony, Bosch, X10.


Windows Phone beta tester wanted

5. March 2013 18:00 by Jerry in IP CAM

Thank you for all the participants! The beta has completed and new version v2.5.5 has been released to Windows Phone market.

I'm planning a major PTZ behavior change in the next release (WP first, Android might probably follow afterward), for those "keep moving" camera types like:


These cameras have a common feature that camera won't stop moving until reach the dead end or send an extra stop command for it. In the app (both Android and WP), you will have to tap twice on the screen in order to stop your camera. This doesn't bring too much trouble when you just use tap to move or trigger Left, Right, Up and Down directions. But it becomes very annoying when using zooming, because you just couldn't be quick enough to activate the 2nd zoom command - either by using pinch to zoom gesture or selecting zoom in/out command from the menu. Moreover, for a new user, normally she/he don't know about this feature and consider it's a problem of my app - I have received tons of emails about this, and I have to explain again and again.

There are several work-around for this type of camera actually, and believe me, I have evaluated all them and I have made my decision to: send the stop command in background automatically after 1 second.

if you are using my Windows Phone IP CAM Controller and happen to own one of the those camera above, and would like to experience the big change, please kindly click the link below and leave me your Windows Live ID using on the phone. I will send you the beta afterward.


You will receive a link from me, and what you need to do is just to tap on that link with your phone then install. You will have 2 "IP CAM Controller" in your app list after installed, and they won't fight each otherLaughing. So don't worry about affecting the production version.

WowWee Rovio is now supported

1. March 2013 14:48 by Jerry in IP CAM

The latest IP CAM Controller Windows Phone and Android version now support an interesting camera - not really a camera or more than a camera. See this link for more about Rovio: http://www.wowwee.com/en/products/tech/telepresence/rovio/rovio


Rovio is a mobile robotic camera - the "camera" can not only PTZ, but actually MOVING! So my app is working a little bit different from other cameras. IP CAM Controller is using tap-to-move to support Rovio. But instead of pan and tilt, the 8 directions have different meaning:


Above snapshot is from Windows Phone, but it works the same in Android. As you can see, the 8 spots have been re-defined as following:

Center: stop Rovio, let's say you previously tap the Home position and then during Rovio is finding its way back to dock, you can tap center to stop it if you change your mind

Left, Right, Up and Down: these 4 spots are for moving to corresponding directions.

Upper left and Upper right: changing the head positions: middle or up. Rovio actually support 3 head positions but here only support 2, "head down" is missing because you can use "home position" in order to restore head to original position.

Lower left and Lower right: these 2 are using to rotate camera.

Interesting, isn't it?

Thanks Anton from Russia for providing testing Rovio:)