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Thank you German!

2. September 2013 15:42 by Jerry in Android, IP CAM, Windows Phone

US has been the biggest market in basically all major app stores (i.e. Apple, Google and Microsoft's WP market). And so naturally US is the top country in download number of my app on WP market(it still isWink); it was the same for Android. But recently it had been exceeded by German! What a surprise!

The downloads from German started to grow dramatically right after we released the Germany language support in the app. Along with the increment in number, positive reviews are also growing. I'm so much grateful! I wish I could even write this blog in Germany but unfortunately I can'tFrown. Anyhow, for all people from German, please accept my sincere appreciation, THANK YOU!! And, a special thank-you goes to Pascal Künzli who was the voluntary translator. It has been totally a pleasure to work with himLaughing



Another great news is about Windows Phone:) Since September 1, IP CAM Controller for WP8 had been selected to feature in Brazil, Spain and ItalyCoolTongue OutLet's see one of the emails



And it's going to be 2 days on Italy market from Sept 3 to 4, credit goes to Andrea Busato from BBSystem.it, who is our Italian translatorKiss for both Android and WP