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Jerry Huang | IP CAM Controller is ranking top 44 today

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IP CAM Controller is ranking top 44 today

9. June 2011 10:26 by Jerry in IP CAM

Although received the first and second bad reviews recently, it raised 10 position since last update in April.

As the Marketplace at the moment is not allowed developer to response user review, not even contact the reviewer via email or anything. So I guess I can only say something here, poor me:(

The first bad review was from US, saying that not working with D-LINK 930L camera and complaining there is no free trail before purchase. Well, first of all, I do provide free trail if you read the app desc. You can try at your computer here. And second, 930L is not in the tested list. For D-Link, I only tested DCS-1130L which is showing in the app desc. In case the reviewer read this blog, you may contact me to arrange a test, to see if there is any problem, or alternative walkaround. As far as I know, some camera by default is not setted to support MJPEG, you may need to change that.

The 2nd one was from Austria that complaining too expensive and something like "no longer stop"? (original comment is not in english, I use translator) Ok, you beat me. I can't comment on price since it's not the cheapest one. But comparing to some competitors' price like $19.99 or $7.99, mine in $3.99 is a kind of economic, isn't it? For "no longer stop", I'm not sure which camera you have, but if you are using foscam, it's a foscam's feature that the camera will keep moving until you tap the direction button again. e.g. tap left button, camera will start moving left until either reach the left end or you tap the left button again.

Anyway, apart from these two bad reviews, all the rest are rating from 4 to 5 stars, 13 rates in total. The average worldwide score is 4 for the time being. Many thanks for those positive reviewers!

If you have purchased IP CAM Controller and not yet rated, I appreciate if you could do me a favor by giving it a rate: in the app list page of your phone, tap and hold "IP CAM Controller", a menu will pop up, select "rate and review" which will lead you to the review page; click the stars to rate and leave a message; It's recommended to say something like what camera brand and type are working for you. Great thanks!yes