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Jerry Huang | Finally, audio support is here, but Android only:(

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Finally, audio support is here, but Android only:(

21. April 2013 22:16 by Jerry in Android, IP CAM

Update: 1 way audio support for selected cameras is now on both Android and WP8, for detailed tested list, please click here


I'm very glad to announce that Android IP CAM Controller now has the ability for audio support, although I have to emphasize that this is just a start point, as at the moment just Panasonic camera is supported (because I own one PanasonicLaughing).


In the single view screen, if audio support is available for your camera, you will notice that a new speaker button and a few new menu items. Tap on the speaker icon, 1 way audio should start working. Others functions inside the menu are straightforward and camera specific, in other word, some cameras have more options while some have lesser. These are so-called "Advanced Features" in the app. As they (especially audio) took a lot of time and efforts from me and other joint developers, we have decided charge a small sum of extra money in order to fully use themEmbarassed. However, free trial is available before purchase so that you can see if they are really working for your camera. In case it doesn't work I would suggest contact me before actually buying it (of course!Laughing)

Next step we are intended to get more cameras supported and maybe 2 way audio as well. Sorry for Windows Phone users (that include meCry too), due to the fact that so many restrictions on the phone (and on developers), audio is yet to come...